Winston and Mariota – 2016

As promised, a discussion on Winston and Mariota. Since they don’t have enough numbers to draw any conclusions from I thought I just share them with you. Let’s dig in!


Looking at the same number as in the Top 20 rankings, Winston should be Nr:1. His score is 17.6, 0.3 better than Drew Brees. But what separates them is that Winston has only played 16 games in the NFL, I will not draw any statistical conclusions from a population of 16 games. His value where he will be picked might justify drafting him seeing as he might be undervalued.


Mariota on the other hand is way way down my list. I was high on him last year before he got injured but with his floor number at 10.7 I would not touch him with a 100-feet pole!

I will have to wait one more season to draw any conclusions from their numbers, but for this year, I would not put them in my top 15 of QBs I would draft.

Tomorrow’s post will focus on my Top 20 QBs based on their ceilings. I still rank strictly by their numbers and not what I think or hope they will do.

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSDimageedit_1_9253545623


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