20-11 Quarterbacks based on ceilings – 2016

Last top 20 Quarterbacks was based on their floors, this week I will split them up in a 20-11 and then 10-1 while looking at their ceilings.

The calculations are as follows. Average FFP/G of the last three years + Standard Deviation of the same games. That number is my FFP ceiling per game for these players. This is good to know when you are looking for a Quarterback to score high but it might be risky cause his Standard Deviation might be higher. This has nothing to do with where they will be drafted, this is strictly their statistical value. Let’s dig in!

11. Philip Rivers – 29.3
12. Matthew Stafford – 29.3
13. Ryan Fitzpatrick – 29.2
14. Blake Bortles – 28.9
15. Eli Manning – 28.7
16. Tyrod Taylor – 28.3
17. Tony Romo – 28.1
18. Carson Palmer – 27.6
19. Jay Cutler – 27
20. Ryan Tannehill and Joe Flacco – 26,7

These numbers show my projection for their single game ceilings, not what they will average ever game as a ceiling. Interesting to see that Carson Palmer who was ranked number 4 on the floor rankings only landed at number 18 in the ceiling one. That should tell you that he is a stable QB that will not have Monster games but produce above average numbers every week.

On Wednesday I will post 10-1 QBs and there is a surprise number 1 that I did not see!

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSDimageedit_1_9253545623

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