10-1 Quarterbacks based on ceilings – 2016

This is my final Quarterback post in a while, after this one I will start to focus on wide-receivers. Today’s post will finish of the top 20 quarterbacks based on single game ceilings. As I have said before, these rankings are strictly based on statistics and not on value on where they might be picked. For instance, I did a small draft yesterday and managed to pick Matt Ryan in round 11, and I have him as my 5th QB based on floor, while Russell Wilson went in round 2, and I have him at 7.

One more thing, following these rankings better suits a high risk high reward quarterback style while of course the top quarterbacks from the floor ranking still will be here. Let’s dig in!

  1. Drew Brees – 33.6
  2. Cam Newton – 33
  3. Andrew Luck – 32.8
  4. Aaron Rodgers – 31.5
  5. Tom Brady – 31.1
  6. Ben Roethlisberger – 31.1
  7. Russell Wilson – 30.4
  8. Kirk Cousins – 30.1
  9. Andy Dalton – 29.4
  10. Since we had two quarterbacks sharing the number 11 spot in Philip Rivers and Matthew Stafford I have removed the number 10 spot.

Most interesting is that Drew Brees tops both the highest floor and the highest ceiling. I saw him going really early in my draft yesterday, so thinking you can pick him up in later rounds is probably a dream. Cam Newton and Andrew Luck changed spots from the floor rankings which does not surprise me, with Cam’s running ability. Both Big Ben and Brady jump pretty high. This show’s that some week’s they are incredibly good but fall off in some weeks. Someone like Kirk Cousins might bring a lot of upside if you can pick him in a really late round and match him with safer picks in other positions.

I will do a draft and post my team based on statistics after all position rankings are done. I will also do a the same rankings for last year and see how my top guys before last season performed.

Friday’s post will focus on Wide Receiver floors and so will Monday’s.

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSDimageedit_1_9253545623


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