Wide Receiver Top 25 – 2016

Last post featured the 50-26 best Wide Receivers based on their ceiling numbers. This is the final Wide Receiver post in a while and will feature my top 25. There will not be a bunch of surprises if you read my last top Wide Receiver list but some of the players have been moved around a little bit.

The numbers are based on their FFP/G average over their last 3 years + standard deviation. So this number represent what I will most likely see as the ceiling per game for these players, not what I think they will perform each week.

What can you take away when looking at these numbers? A wide receiver with a high ceiling but a lower floor might be better to take in later rounds to have as a “gotta win this game, let’s take a swing on this guy” guy. Let’s dig in!

  1. Odell Beckham Jr – 24.4
  2. Antonio Brown – 22.1
  3. Julio Jones – 21.4
  4. Demaryius Thomas – 20
  5. A.J. Green – 19.6
  6. Jordy Nelson – 19.5 (went on pup yesterday)
  7. Brandon Marshall – 18.9
  8. Dez Bryant – 18.9
  9. Eric Decker – 18.8
  10. Alshon Jeffery – 18.6
  11. Allen Robinson – 18.6
  12. T.Y. Hilton – 18.5
  13. Sammy Watkins – 18.4
  14. Jeremy Maclin – 18.3
  15. Mike Evans – 17.8
  16. DeSean Jackson – 17.7
  17. DeAndre Hopkins – 17 (his adp is #7 in, I love his play, but not touching him if he goes that high)
  18. Randall Cobb – 16.8
  19. Keenan Allen – 16.8
  20. Brandin Cooks – 16.7
  21. Julian Edelman – 16
  22. Larry Fitzgerald – 16
  23. Emmanuel Sanders – 15.9
  24. Amari Cooper – 15.9
  25. Kelvin Benjamin – 15.8

OBJ takes another first spot on my rankings, his numbers are just incredible there is not much else to say. I am still shocked by Hopkins lack of consistency he was so dynamic in the early parts of the season even with terrible QB play that seeing him this low seems sad. Also Mike Evans helped me to a lot of wins last year with high numbers in certain games, so I can see him as WR 15 in ceiling per game.

My first mock draft this year landed me Hilton and Cooks in later rounds which makes me happy I did not reach for a WR. I had a later draft pick and everyone seemed to be doing WR-WR-RB so I did RB-RB-RB and said why not?

On Monday I’ll look at tight ends and soon we will start joining all the positions together to set the true draft board for this year.

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSDimageedit_1_9253545623

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