Top 20 Tight Ends – 2016

This Top 20 and the one on Wednesday have the most obvious #1 of all my rankings! It is not even funny how uneven the Tight End spot is. I could not make a top 25 an feel good about myself.

Just a quick reminder that these numbers are based on their floor each game. I expect them to give me their equivalent number in FFP each week. The numbers are calculated from their performances in the last 3 years. Let’s dig in!

  1. Rob Gronkowski – 6.2 (Big surprise huh?)
  2. Jimmy Graham – 3.2
  3. Greg Olsen – 2.9
  4. Martellus Bennet – 2.8
  5. Travis Kelce – 2.8
  6. Julius Thomas – 2
  7. Delanie Walker – 2
  8. Jordan Cameron – 1.9
  9. Jason Witten – 1.8
  10. Zach Ertz – 1.6
  11. Owen Daniels – 1.3 (If he’s picked up by a team)
  12. Kyle Rudolph – 1.2
  13. Tyler Eifert – 1.1
  14. Jordan Reed- 1
  15. Antonio Gates – 0.8
  16. Coby Fleener – 0.8
  17. Josh Hill – 0.5
  18. Dwayne Allen – 0.5
  19. Austin Seferian-Jenkins – 0.4
  20. Larry Donnell and Vernon Davis – 0.4

Well well well… What a surprise, Gronk is #1! Who could have guessed? But that his floor is almost twice as high as the next guy is still notable.The things I’m going to take with me from today’s numbers are the jump between Zach Ertz and Kyle Rudolph and that Tyler Eifert has a lower floor than I would have guessed. In my upcoming drafts I think I will focus more on Delanie Walker as I think he is undervalued by most non pro analysts.

Wednesday’s post will feature the ceilings of the Tight Ends and Friday will have the first Running Back post. We are moving quickly people so I will do one post for DST and Kickers instead of two as I have done with the other positions.

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSDimageedit_1_9253545623

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