Top 20 Kickers – 2016

Kickers, finally, how I have waited to do kicker stats… But I thought I should at least spice it up a little by introducing a new stat called Season Low. Season Low is their Average Fantasy Points Per Game x (Average Amount of Games Played per Season – Standard Deviation). I have chosen to introduce this state for the kickers so we can also compare their game low with season low. I do not want a kicker with fantastic game low but that only plays 4 games a season.

Otherwise will this post be a little bit shorter than the running back posts. Let’s dig in!

First Name Last Name Low ADP Season Low
1 Chris Boswell 6.5 8.0 115.7
2 Stephen Gostkowski 5.6 1.2 118.0
3 Steve Hauschka 5.1 3.8 72.1
4 Mason Crosby 4.7 9.2 129.4
5 Cody Parkey 4.7  – 26.2
6 Graham Gano 4.6 3.7 61.3
7 Nick Folk 4.5 17.3 93.6
8 Dan Bailey 4.4 6.3 123.5
9 Connor Barth 4.4 8.0 71.8
10 Matt Prater 4.3 14.8 77.4
11 Caleb Sturgis 4.3  – 100.0
12 Adam Vinatieri 4.2 10.2 103.2
13 Justin Tucker 4.1 5.3 133.1
14 Dan Carpenter 4.1 16.0 111.9
15 Mike Nugent 4.1 18.5 51.1
16 Josh Lambo 4.1 20.0 106.0
17 Brandon McManus 4.0 9.2 82.9
18 Dustin Hopkins 4.0  – 110.6
19 Randy Bullock 4.0 25.0 87.2
20 Nick Novak 4.0 21.5 60.9

Chris Boswell tops the list even though Pittsburgh kickers seem so unsafe that they wanna go for 2 point conversions all the time. This confuses me but seeing as he also has a pretty decent Season Low it does not scare me too much.

Dan Bailey is my favorite kicker in terms of player, not just because of Cowboys bias but also because he is a machine. You rarely see him miss a kick, in decent range. I am a little bit worried though because following the Cowboys practices I have seen him hit the upright a few too many times this training camp. Also I will not be drafting Bailey since he seems too be a little bit too expensive for me, #8 vs 6.3 ADP, he needs to fall a little bit lower for me to be interested.

Brandon McManus had a fantastic year last year and his numbers went up after that. But the Broncons were perfect for a kicker last year, they could get up the field but Manning lacked the arm to punch it in, which led to McManus getting a ton of field goals. A #17 spot vs. the 9.2 ADP is too big of a gap, but if they have the same offense as last year, why not?

Steve Hauschka is #3 and after him there is a bit of a drop off. Kickers can be the determinering factor in a rough week and I think people might devalue them a little bit too much. Hauschka seems to match his numbers with his ADP, I love that! This is a guy I will target after feeling the first kickers go off the board in my draft.

All in all, kickers feels like quarterbacks, many off them that don’t really make a big enough difference from the next guy to waste a higher draft pick on.

On Wednesday I’ll do DST and on Friday I will be analyzing my first draft and post the players. Next week I have some new things set up and also a new draft analysis for tonight’s auction draft.

If you would like to enter one of my leagues send me a tweet with the #csdfantasyleague, your email and which league ( 2QB, Auction or Standard)

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

4 thoughts on “Top 20 Kickers – 2016

  1. Hey, quick question after reading these stats. Do you have any Kicker ROS statistics? Im trying to decide who would be a better kicker ROS between Tucker and Bailey and got nothing to base myself besides the fact i’m a cowboys fan lol.




    1. Nice to get a comment from a fellow Cowboys fan! I do not have any ROS on kickers right now, but I can put it together for next week, no problem.

      If you have twitter I can reach out to you when I’m done with it?



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