Team Analysis – 2016

One thing I can recommend not doing while drafting is, getting ready to draft a dynasty league within an hour of the draft you are doing and watch your favorite soccer team play a season opener at the same time. Side note, Milan won the game so I’m good!

This is probably my least favorite team this year, it seems like I end up with the 4th or 5th overall pick in every single draft and that leads me to draft Zeke in more leagues than I would like to! I like to draft by my numbers but the numbers tell me there is a clear cut top 3 then a second tier were I like to take a shot at the rookie RB behind the best O-line in football. Let’s dig in!

Standard Scoring
10 team league
2 Flex Players

Pos. Name. Pos. Rank Ceiling Pos. Rank Floor Pick Nr.
QB Jameis Winston 27 1* 124
RB 1 Ezekiel Elliot N/A N/A 4
RB 2 Arian Foster 2 8 44
WR 1 Brandon Marshall 7 4 17
WR 2 Mike Evans 15 11 24
TE Julius Thomas 6 2 57
FLEX 1 DeMarco Murray 7 3 64
FLEX 2 Randall Cobb 18 12 37
K Connor Barth 1 9 137
DST Arizona Cardinals 1 28 84
B Jay Ajayi 76 51 77
B Melvin Gordon 73 17 104
B Christine Michael 117
B Alfred Morris 42 21 144
B Sterling Shepard N/A N/A 97
B Jimmy Graham 2 3 157

As I mentioned above, I picked Zeke Elliot with the nr:4 pick. I am not too happy about it but I am not sad about it. It makes me feel uncomfortable but also the upside is too insane not to jump on it.

I did not want to take a shot that Brandon Marshall would fall more than he did, he is my #4 WR this season and I am super happy to get him with pick nr:4. I have him in 2 teams now and I am excited. Fitzmagic is back so let the good times roll!

I managed to get both my #11 and #12 WR in the third and forth round, which I did not really believe when it happened. I was so focused on the soccer game and the dynasty draft that I did not really pay attention at this point, cause Lev Bell was there when I did this. I had by mistake pressed the “Only WR” button and did not see him… Well well, I think Cobb is undervalued this year, Jordy is back and Cobb can do what he does best, be the number 2 guy.

Wanted to fill out with some running backs after my 3 rounds of wide receivers which led me to Arian Foster. I draft after my rankings 9 out of 10 times and he was my second highest ranked player after DeMarco Murray who I 2 rounds later. Julius Thomas and Jimmy Graham as tight ends, both have had injuries and Grahams status is iffy. But my #2 and #3 guy, can’t pass on that.

After Demarco Murray I felt I needed to secure Arian Foster with Ajayi, which I failed in another draft. I also backed Zeke with Alfred Morris who has looked good during his time with the first team in Dallas.

After the handcuffs I went for some high upside guys, Melvin Gordon and Christine Michael. Gordon looks good, and he has the talent to be great, wait and see. Prosise can’t get on the field and Rawls just started practice, Michael can take that workhorse role in Seattle and if he don’t I’m OK with it.

Sterling Shepard was drafted strictly on news out of Giants Camp, I have not seen a snap out of him. Drafted Cardinals DST a little too early, I know that, stress will do that to you.

Oh, I almost forgot Winston. Hi’s first year’s stats are a little bit better than Andrew Luck, just saying, this could be hi’s breakout season and if he does, I’m golden with him and Evans carrying me. If he does not I still think Evans will be good but I can just swap him for someone else, quarterbacks does not worry me too much.

What do you think of this team, what would you have done different, let me know in the comments!imageedit_1_9253545623

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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