Team 2 Analysis – 2016

This is actually from a while back and I have mentioned this team in previous posts. I did this as a mock draft. My reason for doing a real draft instead of a true mock is, people tend to leave mocks after rounds 4-5 and I hate auto picking, it is just weird when someone picks two DSTs in a row.

I really like this team, my idea was to go running back heavy since it feels like a lot of people go the Zero RB tactic. It worked out really well with me getting 2 of my highest ranked running backs and this is where the Zeke trend started.

Quick explanation of Pos. Rank Celing and Floor. They are where I had them in their respective rankings on this site. Monday’s team only featured the Floor rankings and DST had Ceiling, I update that post yesterday. Let’s dig in!

Standard Scoring
10 team league
1 Flex Players

Pos. Name. Pos. Rank Ceiling Pos. Rank Floor Pick Nr.
QB Matt Ryan 22 5 136
RB 1 Jamaal Charles 1 4 16
RB 2 Ezekiel Elliot N/A N/A 5
WR 1 T.Y. Hilton 12 38 45
WR 2 Brandin Cooks 20 21 36
TE Julius Thomas 6 2 56
FLEX 1 LeSean McCoy 10 5 25
K Dan Bailey 19 8 85
DST Seattle Seahawks 11 4 76
B Matt Jones 32 68 waiver
B Alfred Morris 42 21 105
B Spencer Ware 37 47 145
B Corey Coleman N/A N/A 65
B Marvin Jones 32 56 waiver
B Tyler Eifert 14 25 116

Well no surprise here, same as last team. Ezekiel Elliot was my first pick in this draft too. I was actually a little bit more happy with it in this draft since I was one pick later. But all in all I felt that this draft was a little bit odd. I got almost everything I wanted at every pick, except DSTs went really fast and I had not done my rankings so will most likely see if I can find a DST with higher upside on the waiver wire.

The strangest thing in this draft was the Seahawks bias from one of the players, Russell Wilson and Thomas Rawls went as the 10th and 11th picks to him and that really enabled me to pick Jamaal Charles at pick 16 which to me is really nice. I guess I have the Cowboys bias but it is really only visible in my Elliot picks, since I stay away from Romo and Witten. Bailey to me is just a good kicker, his stats speak for themselves!

There was a hunt for wide receivers in this draft so my tactic panned out well, and seeing as LeSean McCoy looks like the clear #1 guy in Buffalo I could not be more happy with him. Williams got cut so my anxiety about not handcuffing McCoy has gone away!

I am fairly certain that my top 2 wide receivers will finish in at least top 20 receivers. I will have more text about them later. But I will say this, T.Y. has a healthy Luck back, that will HELP him a ton and Cooks hopefully can take one more step in his development but if he doesn’t I am OK with his current production. I am not scared that Coby Fleener will steal targets from him even though Brees loves tight ends, reports coming out saying Fleener is still getting used to the offense, as The Emperor said, good, good.

I am still running with my 2 tight end teams and in this one I have Julius Thomas as you all know by now that I love and Tyler Eifert as a “gamble”. We saw what a healthy Eifert can do so if I have to have him on the bench and he breaks out I am OK.

As usual I have some handcuffs on my bench in connections with high upside guys. Coleman is an unkown but what at the time of the pick the only wide receiver on the Browns, Gordon is now back and Pryor looks like he can steal some Go Route targets. Matt Jones seems to be the go to guy in Washington and if he breaks out and one of my top 3 does not pan out I have a backup. Marvin Jones is making some noise in Detroit so when he was still on waivers I decided to pick him up. I am light on wide receivers in this team so might be looking to do a trade later on.

What do you think of this team, what would you have done different, let me know in the comments!imageedit_1_9253545623

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD



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