Analysis of Dynasty Team – 2016

Sorry for the late post, needed a haircut and wanted to hit the gym before it got late but anyway here we go!

CSD Fantasy Dynasty League had its draft a week ago. It was a great experience and I think I did not prepare well enough for it. The guys in my draft had some picks I did not see coming and that sort of shifted my focus mid draft. I tried to stay true to my board but that might have hurt me in the long run. Wanting to win now and later was a difficult balance but I think I walked off with a pretty decent team. Big props to Matt Massot who I think walked off with the best team in our draft and thank you all for participating! I am looking forward to many years of competition, best of luck, but not too much!

Some Draft Rules and then we dig in!

10 Team Dynasty League
0.5 PPR
18 in Roster Size
Added bigger minus for missing a PAT
2 FLEX Players

Pos. Name. Pos. Rank Ceiling Pos. Rank Floor Pick Nr.
QB Carson Palmer 18 5 117
RB Ezekiel Elliot 4
RB Giovani Bernard 38 12 64
WR Alshon Jeffery 10 8 17
WR T.Y. Hilton 12 38 24
TE Julius Thomas 6 2 104
FLEX Golden Tate 34 27 57
FLEX Travis Benjamin 48 51 84
D/ST Kansas City Chiefs 1 7 157
K Stephen Gostkowski 3 2 124
BE Devin Funchess 37
BE Melvin Gordon 73 17 44
BE Christine Michael 97
BE Jameis Winston 27 1* 77
BE Kendall Wright 43 32 137
BE Charcandrick West 21 39 144
BE Dak Prescott 164
BE Eric Ebron 24 33 177

Well well well… Ezekiel Elliot again, I won’t even discuss him more than a line in this analysis. He looked good vs. the Seahawks, not regular season but still a really solid defense, let’s move on.

Staying true to my pre-draft rankings I went with Alshon Jeffery in the second round and T.Y. Hilton in the third. Even though Jeffery is the only big time wide receiver that did not get a big time contract I still believe he can post his regular numbers. Reports out of Chicago and out of the saddest man alive (Jay Cutler) is Kevin White not ready for prime-time yet and that leads me to believe there is only one target, maybe one and a half left in Chicago and that is Jeffery. When Luck bounces back T.Y. is his guy, major bounce back year and Luck will hopefully be Luck for years to come and make T.Y. good for dynasty.

With the Devin Funchess and the Melvin Gordon picks is where we see me stray away from what I usually would do, stick to my numbers. I saw a lot of people in the draft, pick younger talent that had not really produced on a high level, so there was a shortage of younger players for upcoming years, I decided on these two players since their camps and preseasons have been good. That was the same analysis with Christine Michael, not so much younger but he has had a good preseason and I don’t trust Prosise to steal too much from him.

If you have read my earlier posts I am really high on Famous Jamies so he was the quarterback I target in this draft, then that Carson Palmer just happen to fall was nice for my win now mentality, still think Jameis will be really good this season but I can stream them according to match-up, don’t put too much in why Jameis is on the bench. Dak Prescott was a fun pick, since he has been playing so well in preseason and Tony Romo won’t play for ever, or at all…

Eric Ebron could be my tight end for the future and he has a gunslinger for quarterback so he can be really good in the future, but for this year I’m sticking to Julius Thomas once again!

What do you think of this team, what would you have done different, let me know in the comments!imageedit_1_9253545623

The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


photo credit: Dolphins Pre-Game Huddle via photopin (license)

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