New Series; Where Would X Rank? – 2016

A new Thursday series starts today! It is called Where Would X Rank? There will be a new post every Thursday from now on. The posts will not be too long but I think it will bring some fun statistics back to life, and some perspective on the past and also on the present.

So, Where Would X Rank? The series will each week take a player from the past and rank him by his career numbers vs. Today’s stars. Would you pick your heroes from past years today or would you sit them for Ryan Tannehill or Willie Snead?

The first player I thought would be fun is a player that is very much relevant in the NFL climate today, Nate Burleson. When I started this website he was one of the first people to follow me on twitter, so this post is not only because he has opinions on everything football everyday, it is also a thank you to him! Let’s dig in, Where Would Nate Burleson Rank?

Nate Burleson averaged 6.6 FPTs per game during his career and 74.4 per season. Crunching his numbers leads me to a Game ceiling of 9.4 and a Floor of 3.8. Let us put that in perspective.  Odell Beckham Jr has a Game ceiling over the last three years of 24.4 and a floor of 7.4. OBJ’s floor is almost as high as Burleson’s ceiling (No offense Nate I’m just using math, still love you on GMFB).

On my two wide receiver rankings Nate Burleson would place:

Floor Rankings #15 right behind Allen Robinson and in front of Eric Decker. That to me is very good company.

Ceilings Rankings #52 as me second to last wide receiver I look on this year, in front of Mohamed Sanu and behind Devin Funchess. This is where I would have a problem if Burleson was in this years draft.

If I had an incredible team I could out Burleson as my flex and be sure to have a pretty OK floor each week, but I would never trust him to carry me in a difficult match up.

I hope you like this new series! I would love some input on it so please comment below, good or bad, I do not mid.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


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