Tight End and Kicker Correlations – 2016

Since tight ends and kickers are not the most spectacular position groups to do posts on I decided to lump them together. Not that they have correlations between each other but I will handle their stats in the same post.

Quick reminder that r measures the strength of the correlation between two variables. will be between +1 and -1. The close is to either end the stronger the correlation.

1. A perfect negative linear correlation
0.70. A strong negative linear correlation
0.50. A moderate negative correlation
0.30. A weak negative linear correlation
0. No linear correlation
+0.30. A weak positive linear correlation
+0.50. A moderate positive correlation
+0.70. A strong positive linear correlation
+1. A perfect positive linear correlation

I am looking at the regular stats we cover for different positions groups and measure correlation with Fantasy Points per Season to see if any stats is more dominant than the others. This can help you in determinering who to pick in a given situation or help you with your weekly rankings. Let’s take the wide receiver example again. Targets are more important than Receptions, a receiver you believe will have more targets should be ranked higher, this can be done for ever single week. Let’s dig in!

Tight Ends

Correlation with FPTs/Season
Targets Receptions Yards Touchdowns
0.894 0.893 0.953 0.867

Interesting to see that the Targets and Receptions do not have the same strength in the correlation as the wide receivers had. It is still a strong positive linear correlation but it still not on the same level. If I would have guess which stat that would have the strongest correlation for tight ends I would have guess Touchdowns but I was very wrong! When looking at tight ends the Yards are the most important stat. This will come in handy when analyzing defenses that give up a lot of Yards and fewer Touchdowns.


Correlation with FPTs/Season
FG Made FG Attempts PAT Made PAT Attempts
0.963 0.941 0.833 0.830

Well this is no surprise at all, if you make field goals you score more points than if you attempt then (and potentially miss). Since a Reception can yield different amount of points it is more interesting to analyze that sort of stat than a PAT for instance. But when looking for a kicker, my suggestion based on the numbers, pick one who makes field goals and PATs, SHOCKER!

As I have said in earlier posts, I am working on finding more ground breaking correlations as time goes on but it is a work in progress and until the data have been collected and the numbers have been crunched I will continue to post the regular ones for one more week at least.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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