Week 1 Recap – 2016

What a weekend! So many good games, and my first live opening game! I went to the Tampa Bay @ Atlanta game yesterday for the last opener in the Georgia Dome. I was expecting a high scoring game with two below average defenses but it started of slow. Both teams had very conservative play calling and no one wanted to make any mistake. Then something happen and both quarterbacks really played well. And when you see below you can see that I was happy for several reasons. Let’s dig in!

Since there are two games on Monday we have a lot of players that still can impact the outcomes for a lot of games, but I feel fairly certain in three of my victories, terrified in one league and damn it I lost in one. My Dynasty Team with Dak Prescott at the helm is in my mind my weakest team so I am not surprise I lost that match-up, but had hoped for more from Golden Tate and C Mike, and only lost by a couple of points.

Team 1 lead by Matt Ryan has a solid lead after massive games by Cooks and Ware. Really happy with the statistics bringing me a win in this game. I had Cooks high on my rankings with a low ADP so looking to get great value from him this year. (See WR top 25) My opponent still has two players yet to play but even for Antonio Brown and Kirk Cousins a 100 FPTs will be difficult.

Jameis showed up and potentially lead Team 2 to a victory while still having A. Foster (11.5 FPTs) M. Gordon (17.7) and S. Shepard (11.8) on the bench. My opponent only has D.Jackson left to play and I hope he can’t score 30FPTs.

Team 3 on the other had is in a pickle. Bernard, Marshall and Walker really under performed and Odell Beckham as I mentioned in the intro has had trouble against the Cowboys lately. I strongly believe that I will lose this game unless Josh Norman comes out and bail me out, pretty please. My mistake in this game was going with Bernard over Blount. Can’t say that benching Kelvin Benjamin for Julio, OBJ and Marshall was a terrible call but in hindsight, DAMN! Update, Lost.

DREW BREES! My top ranked quarterback showing why he’s there. While Gronks replacement tried killing this game I do not think this win is in danger. Opponent has kicker left and I have DeAngelo. Changes I could have made would have been starting DeMarco Murray as Flex and Moncrief instead of any of the other wide receivers. But the numbers said high scoring game for both Indy vs. Detroit and Green Bay at Jax.

Some notable statistics from this week’s games. Who thought that the Dolphins would have the second highest scoring Defense against the Seahawks? Not me, their run defense was one of the worst from last year and Seahawks running attack has been great for many years. That is also one of the reasons C Mike ends up on the Disappointments.

Looking at Odell Beckham’s score I see something great. Not great in terms of scoring but it reflects my pre-season calculations so incredibly great. According to my numbers OBJ’s floor should be at 7.4FPTs in every game, and he scored 7.3, I am OK with a 0.1 margin of error. I was unfortunately 1.1 wrong with Brandon Marshall. But hey, can’t win them all.

Week 1 standings: 3 Wins 2 Losses

I will update the post after tonight’s games as well.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Drew Brees via photopin (license)

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