Week 2 Preview – 2016

We got the ball rolling with week 1 and now we are already preparing for week 2, time goes by so fast!

I am still working with last year’s team stats until week 4 because it is very hard to draw any statistical analysis from the small sample size we have to begin with and even less after 1 week. The player stats is from the last three years, which shows some interesting information, especially how some players perform against certain teams or home games vs. away games. Let’s dig in!

Tampa Bay at Arizona
– Last time these teams face each other it was a low scoring game that ended 13-10
– That game however was pre-Jameis Winston
– Jameis has a lower FPT average at home vs. opponents outside the Div

Atlanta at Oakland
– Atlanta’s run defense was terrible last year and last game. Look to L. Murray for a big game
– D. Freeman needed one game to get going last year, not giving up on him just yet

Baltimore at Cleveland
– Cleveland’s defense gave up yards through the air vs a rookie QB and a mediocre WR corps, then I think Flacco can hurt them too.
– I have not looked into the numbers but Barnidge was really good with McCown last year

New York Jets at Buffalo
– Watkins is still questionable when I’m writing this. Either way he has some strange numbers vs the Jets. One huge game followed by an egg and repeat.
– Buffalo’s defense gave up a ton of FPTs vs. WR last year, B. Marshall has had at least 10 targets vs. the Bills, I am excited for him

San Francisco at Carolina
– SF held Gurley to 4 points, the Rams are not the Panthers, and J. Stewart has had over 11 FPTs against Chip teams last year and SF were second to last vs RBs last year
– K. Benjamin woke up last week…

Philadelphia at Chicago
– Last years Eagles gave up the 4th most points to WRs, can anyone say Kevin White breakout?

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
– Both of Cincinnati RBs had awful stats vs. the Steelers last year, I’m sitting Gio this week

Dallas at Washington
– Dallas was 2nd best vs TE last year and B. Jones does a great job in coverage, I’m not expecting too much from J. Reed

Green Bay at Minnesota
– S. Diggs had a hard time vs. Green Bay last year with a high of 6.6 can he beat that?
– E. Lacy averages 6.6 more points vs. the Vikings than any other opponents over the last 3 years

Indianapolis at Denver
– T.Y. has a high 8.2 FPTs vs. Denver over the last 4 games, if I can I’m sitting him

Jacksonville at San Diego
– Chargers give up most of their points to RBs, Ivory just got out the hospital, Yeldon is worth a look here
– Rivers passer rating goes down 18 points without K. Allen

Kansas City at Houston
– I said the Chiefs would be in a high scoring game last week, I think we will see it again, potential start for W. Fuller

Miami at New England
– Even though they held Seattle to a low scoring game last week, but I’m starting Blount vs last year’s worst run defense

New Orleans at New York Giants
– Eli scored 7 TDs last year, Saints lost their best corner, I’m starting S. Shepard

Seattle at Los Angeles
– If SF can hold T. Gurley to 4 FPTs, what can Seattle DO!? Thinking low scoring game, especially if Wilson is out

Tennessee at Detroit
– A. Abdullah had 3 good games last year, every good game followed by a game under 5 FPTs, Titans has a good run defense, I am not too confident he will have two good games in a row

If the games are half as good as week 1 we are in for a treat! I will post my team rosters with the changes in my lineup on Saturday, a new How Would X Rank tomorrow and a look at Quarterback Stat Correlation on Friday.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


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