Teams Going Into Week 2 – 2016

I hope everyone is getting ready for week 2! I have been hard at work setting my line-ups for this week. There has been a couple of changes in some of the teams. The changes are based on player performance against certain teams, their performance against division/outside division and home/away games. Let’s dig in!

Changes in Team 1:
Tajae Sharpe in – T.Y Hilton out, Reason: Hilton plays Denver and Detroit give up a lot of points in the air.

Changes in Team 2:
Melvin Gordon in – Christine Michael out, Reason: Thomas Rawls and Michael might share too much.
Sterling Shepard in – Randal Cobb out, Reason: Shepard looked great and is playing the Saints, Cobb is playing the Vikings, great defense.

Changes in Team 3:
LeGarrette Blount in – Arian Foster out, Reason, Blount vs. Dolphins D and Foster has been out of practice all week
Ameer Abdullah in – Giovani Bernard out, This is long shot, Cincinnati running backs have over the last year not been good vs. the Steelers so wanted to sit them and needed someone of waivers, Yeldon got picked before me so going with the hot hand.

Changes in Team 4:
Tajae Sharpe in – Randal Cobb out, Reason: Combination of previous mentioned reasons
DeMarco Murray in – Donte Moncrief out: DeMarco looked great and is still one of my highest ranked running backs and Moncrief is playing the Broncos so he is out!

Changes in Team 5:
Carson Palmer in – Dak Prescott out, Reason: Ryan played well against the Tampa defense, I expect Palmer to do even better.
Travis Benjamin in – T.Y. Hilton out, Reason: No Keenan Allen, think Benjamin’s targets will rise, targets is the most important WR stat and Hilton still plays Denver.
Victor Cruz in – Christine Michael out, Reason: Cruz plays the Saints and showed he could do well, I am expecting all Giants receivers to do well!

Having a lot of difficult match-ups this week, especially for Team 4 where Gronk still is out for at least one more week. I am excited and hoping to improve my record of 3-2.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


photo credit: Dolphins Pre-Game Huddle via photopin (license)

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