Week 2 Recap – 2016

Rule 1: In a week when Doug Martin, Danny Woodhead, Ameer Abdullah, Adrian Peterson and Jonathan Stewart gets injured, be lucky as $#@& and only start Abdullah in one league and be grateful!

Rule 2: In a week where Jameis Winston had – 3.32 FTPs after 2 quarters make sure that you have Travis Benjamin, Melvin Gordon and the Cardinals Defense, and once again be grateful!

Rule 3: When you have Julio Jones, Odell Beckham Jr and Brandon Marshall, trust that your running backs and tight end will win the week for you, and of course be grateful!

I follow 5 of my teams for this blog, I have used my numbers to draft all these teams and I was 4 yards away from having a perfect week! I am actually quite happy even though it was so close, it shows that even when I pick the wrong players to start my teams are fairly balanced.

Team #1 lead by Matt Ryan had my only loss this week and I will not do like the NFL.com analysts and I quote Michael Fabiano “If Kirk Cousins didn’t overthrow him all day he would have gotten it easily!”, I will take the blame myself. I could say I would have won if I started that guy and that guy, but Captain Hindsight does not win leagues, that is why I’m still quite happy. I sat Corey Coleman (22.4), Marvin Jones (11.8) and Matt Jones (12.5) for Brandin Cooks (6.8), Tajae Sharpe (3.3) and Spencer Ware (8.5) and still only lost by 0.38 points to my opponent, I am OK with that (I hate Richard Rodgers).

skarmklippGreen Represents Players who outperformed their ceiling numbers
Yellow Represents Players who outperformed their floor numbers
Red Represent Players who did not reach their floor numbers

As you can see for Team 2, Connor Barth still has half a game yet to play, but I am fairly confident that Jeremy Langford don’t score over 23 points in the second half without Barth getting in on that action. In the first 3 teams there are a mix of green and yellow mostly combined with that freaking Jameis Winston who tried to kill me this week but ended up giving so many points to the Cardinals Defense that they outscored their ceiling with 11 points! Walker paid of in week 2 already which was a happy sight and the change between Marshall and Benjamin paid off even if Odell Beckham should have been the one to be on the bench.


Drew Brees did not reach his floor this week, but since he had such an amazing game last week, I can forgive him. Allen Robinson keeps under performing and that is a concern, but all in all I am pretty happy with Team 4, they still have Le’Veon Bell and Gronk on the bench and are 2-0, reminds me of the Patriots when I think about it. My opponent has Alshon Jeffery still playing and I have the Eagles D, I am confident in this lead going into the second half of Monday Night Football.

After a week with Dak Prescott at the helm Team 5 saw Carson Palmer take over and Travis Benjamin enter the lineup which lead to a pretty comfortable win. I was behind most of the game but had confidence in my late starters. Alshon is still playing but my opponent has no one left so the game is in the bag.

I am hoping to see less red next week but my numbers are still holding up. I will follow-up more diligently with how many players score outside their projected numbers in the future. I will also move the Week Recap to Tuesday’s to include Monday Night Football, I thought I had it in me to stay up but work in the morning leads to bed earlier than expected.

On Wednesday the Intro to Week 3 will be a little different with more numbers and less focus on each matchup, I hope you like it! I will do projections for all players based on where they should score to keep up with their yearly targets and some players have new projections based on injuries and team changes (Shout out to Gary Haddow for this idea).

As of week 2: CSD Fantasy 7 – 3 Opponents

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


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