Friday Correlations and Probabilities – 2016

I have been looking like a mad man after fun correlations for Wide Receivers and their combine stats. I researched arm length, vertical, broad jump, 40 times and so on in my quest to find anything that correlated with Fantasy Production.

My research took me as far back as 2010, but nothing! Every category gave me a correlation coefficient close to 0, which means that there is nothing to be had here.

Then I remembered one of the big story lines of this year’s draft, Jared Goff’s hand size! What if hand size is not just a thing quarterbacks should worry about? My last hope to find anything interesting after two weeks work, and yes! Wide Receivers hand size did actually correlate with Fantasy Relevant stats. Let’s dig in!


There is still not too much we can say about hand size with a correlation coefficient is 0.2 which really isn’t that strong. But it is pretty interesting to see that there is a small correlation between hand size and as portrayed in the chart above, Targets, the most relevant fantasy stat for Wide Receivers. 

Since this research has been sort of a let down, I figured I would post some more numbers this Friday. If you read my Wednesday Post regarding Probabilities will these numbers be an extension of them.

Two people reached out to me on Twitter to learn more about their Fantasy Teams, and how their players most likely will perform this week. I crunched the numbers from the last 3 years and first 2 weeks of 2016 to come up with the probabilities for them reaching their weekly projections. If you own any of these players this will help you plan for week 3’s match-up!



If you want the probabilities for your team, send me a tweet @qalled with your team or the players you are choosing between.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD



photo credit: NY Football Giants Training Camp via photopin (license)

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