Teams Going into Week 3 – 2016

Only 1 change since last week for Team 1. I really wanted Marvin Jones in the lineup so Spencer Ware had to take a backseat
Winston tried to lose Team 2’s game last week so he goes to the bench for waiver pickup M. Ryan. The Packers are back on home turf and B. Marshall is questionable and play a later game so R. Cobb will take his place.
Abdullah got injured and Walker just got declared inactive. Team 3 is very light on everything except wide receivers so I went out and got myself T. Coleman and J. Tamme since both of them play the Saints and the Falcons offense has looked good.team4
A. Robinson has been a huge disappointment so that is why Team 4 will gamble with T. Benjamin and T. Sharpe. I am certain all Fantasy geeks have heard that the Raiders give up a ton of points against wide receivers. Gronk in the lineup was a mistake but hey, if he plays he starts for me.
G. Tate is still having issues so sitting him for Bernard even though he faces the Broncos, they are missing Ware and are ranked 20th in points to running backs. C. Woke gets a start for Cruz based on opportunity. C. Beasly and A. Jeffery are a game time decision. The reason I have Beasly in the lineup is so that I have a handcuff in the case that Jeffery can’t play.

Good luck to everyone today, unless you play me!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


photo credit: Dolphins Pre-Game Huddle via photopin (license)

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