Week 3 Recap – 2016

Another week of craziness,  and another 4-1 record. That takes the CSD Fantasy numbers to a yearly record of 11-4 which is a good start. Some of the games this week will be a little 1 sided and I am guessing it has to do with the destruction of the running back position last week. I faced teams with some really awkward running back compositions such as Theo Riddick and Duke Johnson as they combined for 12 points while T. Coleman had a whopping 26.9. Then again I saw another week of really poor quarterback production from one of my guys, Carson Palmer…

Green Represents Players who outperformed their ceiling numbers
Yellow Represents Players who outperformed their floor numbers
Red Represent Players who did not reach their floor numbers
White Represent Players without projections

There is not a lot to say about Team 1, Marvin Jones played possessed and almost alone outscored my opponent! B. Cooks and J. Thomas did not manage to get to their projected numbers . Team 2 and 3 also had easy schedules so I don’t want to focus too much on those matchups, just nice to see that my points are still high even though my opponent’s is low. In these leagues I am top scorer in 2 and second in 1, I want to keep the focus on the numbers and not too much on the other teams.

Yet again a week where I chase the perfect record and come up short! But I was never actually close in D. Brees’ Team. I started Gronk who saw nothing and took a shot at top 20 receiver in Cobb at home which did not pay off! The team otherwise scored a lot according to projection which should have me worried, but Gronk will be back and I have L. Bell and A. Robinson on the bench, they will bounce back.
Team 5 played in opposite world, Carson Palmer scored 3.5 and the Chiefs scored 32 POINTS! Fitzaster gave me this win even if Carson tried to throw it, and why are the Cowboys giving running touchdowns to A. Morris, L. Dunbar and D. Prescott but not the 4th overall pick? Oh well, thank you Kansas!

The yearly stats will cover how the players perform according to the projected ceilings and floors. The more red and green we see the less accurate the projections have been, the more yellow the more accurate, simple as that. I will do weekly projections from now on and also do the scoring probabilities for one team a week.

Yearly Stats:
Green: 18
Yellow: 29
Red: 11

As of week 3: CSD Fantasy 11 – 4 Opponents

If you want the scoring probabilities done for your team, tweet @qalled with your lineup or the players you are choosing between and I will have them done.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


photo credit: Keith Allison Ezekiel Elliott via photopin (license)

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