College Stats and NFL Stats – 2016

When looking at quarterbacks can you predict anything from their college stats? And I mean stats, not looking at the player what so ever.

I have done research stretching back to the draft of 2001 not to compare fantasy production as usual but to see if there are any indicators how we can say anything about the stats.

The stats I have focused on in this research are Touchdowns, Yards, Completions %, Completions, Games Played and Yards Per Attempt. I have measured them against themselves, College Yards correlating with NFL yards, and against one another, College Yards correlating with NFL Touchdowns.

This is the scary thing with doing extensive research hoping to find something, you most likely will not find anything, and surprise, none of these stats say anything how a quarterback will produce. The closest thing I can find is that if you have a high Completion % in College you will most likely have it in the NFL as well.


The correlation between Completion % in College and the NFL is a weak 0.25 but it is a lot stronger than the second strongest, Touchdowns in College will lead to NFL Yards 0.05 correlation…

2 Stats got a incredibly weak but negative correlation that I thought I should mention before I rap this up. Few Games Played in College led few in the NFL and a lot of Interceptions led fewer Yards and fewer Touchdowns in the NFL. Interesting is that Interceptions in College did not lead to more Interceptions in the NFL, Matt Ryan anyone?

This can of course be analysed more and I will continue to crunch the numbers so that for next week I will put the College Stats in relation to Fantasy Production.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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