Risk Analysis – 2016

Disclaimer: This post looks short but the link contains projections and risk analysis for over 100 players.

Change of plans, I was going to follow-up on the correlation analysis from last week but I have had some mishaps with the numbers. So instead I decided to do some minor risk analysis of all the players in my database. The analysis will only be based on this years numbers which will reduce the accuracy but it will be a fun thing to see who has the biggest chance of scoring a certain amount of points with a given risk.

There will of course be some players that will have 100 % risk but that is due to the fact that they are injured or have not played a snap this year for any reason.

This is a very light weight risk analysis that is in no way as accurate as the Wednesday one. It does not account for Division Games or Home/Away Games, it is strictly based on the performance in the last 5 games. But I thought it was a fun idea to have some more projections and risks since the college stats got postponed. I am working on a more convenient way to do risk analysis so this can be done more accurately every week. Please leave a comment here or on twitter to let me know if this is more up your wheelhouse than the correlation posts. The players are in alphabetical order with First Name, to find a player you are looking for press ctrl+f and type the name.

For an easier overview of the projections and risk follow this Link for PDF form

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Dez Bryant via photopin (license)

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