Week 7 Score Projections and Probabilities – 2016

No projection or probabilities for Team 5’s bench since most of it is in bye or stashed for the future in this Dynasty League. But enough of what is missing, let’s dig in!

Team 5 is really low risk this week, and not to low floors to match. But when comparing to the risk at 10FPTs we see that there is not much wiggle room. Both Eric Ebron and Travis Benjamin has incredibly high risks at scoring under 10FPTs which is alarming! Jameis Winston has a really high projection but it is combined with a 66 % risk which if you have read my previous posts is way to high for my taste. On the other hand, Winston’s 1 % chance of scoring under 10FPTs gives me confidence that I will at least see mediocre production from him.

Team 5

I got a suggestion to do H2H between different players on Friday so I decided to do a little test with it today but for one player, Giovani Bernad. Below you will find his splits and numbers that help me calculate his risk. When I do full risk analysis I take into account many different variables and some of them can be found below. It is an easy way to predict a certain outcome for a players upcoming week. Next time I will add targets, attempts and more to easier predict the outcome.


Score Projection and Risk For all Players in my Database can be found Here!

Feel free to suggest players for the H2H on Friday!

If you would like your team’s probability analysis or if you have two players that you have projections for and would like to know the risk, tweet me at @qalled and I would be more than happy to provide you with an edge over your co-workers!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


Team 1
Team 2


Team 3
Team 4



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