Head-2-Head – 2016

Today we have two Head-2-Head with Melvin Gordon vs. Christine Michael and Brandin Cooks vs. Marvin Jones .

The reason I choose Gordon and Michael is because both of them have struggled in the past but have been really good fantasy players this year. I have taken a look on how they perform in different settings and where their production comes from. All numbers are based on average production from the moment they became a nr:1 back. So Gordon’s touchdowns will be affected way more than Michael’s.


Looking at Cooks vs. Jones was due to the fact that I needed the information myself for one of my teams. It has been difficulty choices deciding who will be my receivers in that team and Cooks and Jones was the first two that came to mind. To be more certain in my choices I will look at T.Y. Hilton in the future.


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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD



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