Week 8 Recap, 5-0

I killed my white whale, I caught the dragon, I found the Holy Grail, well in short I finally went 5-0 this week! It might have been the lowest scoring affair of them all but stability triumphed. When all of Sunday’s games had been played the only thing standing in my way was the Minnesota Vikings DST, and boy did they not deliver, and I am grateful for that. This brings my teams drafted by following my yearly rankings and setting the weekly lineups with the help of my Score Projections and Risk Analysis to a 31-9 yearly record, and with that improves the win probability to 77.5%. I will not claim that this will help you in Daily Fantasy but drafting after the numbers has clearly helped me. Let’s dig in!

Team 1: T.Y. gave me a scare this week, I have him in two teams and he went out pretty quickly, well not that coming back helped me a ton but 2pts is always 2pts. Team 1 is still haunted by taking a shot a Jamaal Charles, but that might change sooner than I think, McCoy’s injury did not help on this part, luckily I picked up Booker but made a mistake in benching Howard you actually became the nr:1 scoring running back, oh well. Zeke does what he does and Ryan is simply amazing for where I drafted him, or I guess where anyone drafted him.

Team 2: C-Woke is slowing down, worrisome… Brandon Marshall on the other hand kinda never woke up to begin with, 8.8 vs. the Browns is not acceptable, but seeing as his current floor based on this year is 3, I guess this is what he is at the moment. Evans on the other hand is a beast, and that is what he is! Graham did not avange his trade but 4.9 is fine. Gordon had no Touchdown vs. the Broncos which I think is good, he ran better than usually and still scored 19 points, when you can score that while not scoring a TD I am happy.

Team 3: Close win for a weak team, Julio is not doing what he should on a weekly basis and Marshall as said above is not performing at the moment. Murray is doing well but reports of an injury scare me. Booker stepped up in another team and did well, I will monitor his numbers more closely this week to see if he is worth starting when Bye week hell is over.

Team 4: Injury to Cobb heading into the Falcons made me put Adams in 2 lineups, this one and the one below. Adams actually had sneaky good stats, I compared his risk at 10pts against Travis Benjamin for this match-up and Alshon Jeffery for the next one and he beat them both and did not disappoint, he was much better in ppr though. Then again the Falcons pass defence is atrocious. Allen Robinson is not making anyone smile but at least he got over his 1.1 projection…

Team 5: Jameis has not lived up to his numbers from last year, I was very excited looking at his numbers going into the season and thought he could improve, this is a dynasty league so I’m still good, specially for the future with Winston and Dak. Was looking into a trade for this team with Alshon playing so poorly but then Cobb got injured so, and he was supposed to be who I traded for with some pick changes as well. Will have to re-evaluate before doing anything rash. As long as Ebron is healthy he’s a beast, his low projection was due to the fact that he has missed a lot of games, which gave him zeros. Prater was a little bit better than Gostkowski and I am so happy that I did some new kicker rankings to upgrade a position not many people focus on.

Let me know on twitter if you have players you would like score projections and risk analysis for, also feel free to tweet me suggestions for Head-2-Heads, @qalled

Tomorrow will we be looking at the Score Projections and Risks for my Database going into week 9. I will also post ROS rankings for Quarterbacks.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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