Waiver Pickups and Week 9 Recap – 2016

Now that nine weeks have passed and we have a larger sample size of some players it is time to evaluate my teams. I thought I would do a post on some players I will try to add to some teams based on their production this year. The focus will be on players that might not have been picked up in your leagues but have produced solid floor numbers and don’t have too high risk. Below the Waivers you will find a quick recap of week 9. Let’s dig in!

If you are in need of a Quarterback I highly recommend Kirk Cousins, he has my third highest floor ranking this season, after Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers. He is also a guy that might be available in some leagues due to the way people view him. If you have a stud QB stay with him but if you placed your bets on say Carson Palmer look to Cousins or Dalton if available.

At the Wide Receiver position I will be looking at Michael Thomas, Cole Beasley and Jamison Crowder. These three players especially Michael Thomas has really impressive floor numbers. Michael Thomas’s floor ranks only behind Mike Evans and Antonio Brown, I will do everything to try to get him in all my leagues. Cole Beasley is most likely to be available so look for him in your leagues.

Looking at Running Backs, I can’t say that there are any surprise names right now that I would like to target based on all of the games, I guess some people will pick up Hightower and DuJuan Harris but I will not, I might even drop some running backs to the benefit of the receivers mentioned above.

The Tight End position is a little bit tricky, I have Gronk and Ebron in 3 teams and Walker in 1 so it is only really 1 team that needs a TE upgrade. Team 1 currently has Julius Thomas and Cameron Brate. I really got sick of JT after the first few games this season and started benching him but during my evaluation I have come to the conclusion that he’s still not good, he ranks 12th right now which should not be a starter, I can add Eric Ebron or Delanie Walker for Brate or JT tomorrow. But Tight Ends that might be available would be Jimmy Graham and Lance Kendricks.

I have already upgraded the Kicker position by adding Bryant and Prater to basically all my teams. See ROS Kicker Rankings for more info.

The Eagles are still my number 1 DST and since I have them in most leagues I will not be shopping for a DST. But DSTs that comes after the Eagles are the Chargers, Lions and Redskins and I am guessing that at least of one them will be available in your leagues. Seahawks, Packers and the Vikings are ahead of these three teams but are most likely not available in your leagues.

In the slide show you will find my teams performances from Week 9. The record was 4-1, but I saw incredible numbers on some teams especially when a lot of teams saw bye week hell. I faced a guy who I guessed just gave up, he had 7 players on byes so the team I faced was just trash, not so fun to play against but the numbers my team boasted was still good so I’m happy with that, think most players would have lost against 192.9 anyway.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Let me know on twitter if you have players you would like score projections and risk analysis for, also feel free to tweet me suggestions for Head-2-Heads, @qalled

Tomorrow will we be looking at the Score Projections and Risks for my Database going into week 10 and will start including more numbers to project targets and receptions for ppr leagues. I will also post ROS rankings for Wide Receivers.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


photo credit: Keith Allison Terrelle Pryor via photopin (license)

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