ROS Wide Receiver Rankings, Score Projections and Risk Analysis Week 10 – 2016

I wanted to focus more on the Wide Receiver Rankings this week and have a link for the score projections and risks Here. The projections and risks are pretty straight forward, you press ctrl+f and search for the player you would like to know the floor for and the risk of scoring under 10pts. Below you will also find my top 3 for ever position this week based on risks. That is the 5 players with the lowest risk of scoring under 10pts (15pts for QBs). Let’s dig in!


The wide receivers have some names that might surprise you at least a little bit. Mike Evans is now my clear-cut nr:1 guy follow by Antonio Brown and Michael Thomas. I have chosen to not include Donte Moncrief and Dez Bryant in this top 10 due to the number of games they have played, but if you don’t account for that they would have been 1 and 2.

I have not done any projections based on PPR before and I usually only play in 0.5prr leagues at the most, but I got a question for some PPR projections so I provided floor numbers for Targets, the most stat that correlates most with Fantasy Points for receivers, and put them in relation to how many Targets a receiver needs per reception. In that way I have provided projection that can be added to the standard one for a PPR Floor Projection. You can see my rankings based on that in lower chart lead by, oh well Mike Evans tops both but he is followed by OBJ in the PPR Specialists one. Next year I will provide more accurate numbers for targets and running back attempts.


QB: Aaron Rodgers, Kirk Cousins, Tom Brady, Andy Dalton, Matt Ryan
RB: DeMarco Murray, Ezekiel Elliot, David Johnson, Melvin Gordon, Le’Veon Bell
WR: Donte Moncrief, Mike Evans, Dez Bryant, Antonio Brown, A.J.Green
TE: Rob Gronkowski, Greg Olsen, Jordan Reed, Jimmy Graham, Tyler Eifert
K: Matt Bryant, Josh Lambo, Caleb Sturgis, Adam Vinatieri, Dustin Hopkins
DST: Vikings, Eagles, Chiefs, Broncos, Chargers

Feel free to suggest players for the H2H on Friday!

If you would like your team’s probability analysis or if you have two players that you have projections for and would like to know the risk, tweet me at @qalled and I would be more than happy to provide you with an edge over your co-workers!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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