Week 10 Recap – 2016

We are closing in on the fantasy football playoffs! I am currently in playoff contention in all 5 leagues and I know people don’t care about other people’s fantasy teams but this is to demonstrate that following the numbers work in most instances. My team currently ranks #3, #1, #4, #2 and #1 after another 4-1 week and the yearly record is 39-11.

Team 1 saw the first loss for a team with only 2 players not reaching their floor, and to be fair I had no chance in that game, I mean, I have Ezekiel Elliott and still lost by 30 points, and if you have read any of my stuff before you know I don’t like to dwell on things I could have done differently, it is not that kind of site I like to run. But I will do a in-depth analysis of that team before the end of the week and really be sure I start the players with the best numbers next week.

My number one waiver pickup from last week had an incredible game with 40 yards receiving and two fumbles to negate the points and land on 0. Well Michael Thomas’s numbers still puts him high on my wide receiver rankings and numbers don’t change that much from one bad game, I foresee him staying pretty high in my projections tomorrow.

Below you can find the individual and team results from last week. I will keep this post short because I am working on an in-depth analysis of quarterbacks for tomorrow, you will get better projections for the qb position for the rest of the year and the in depth projections will be available for the other positions for next year. More week to week factors will be added in the future to make start/sit decisions easier and not just who to draft and who to not. This is more catered to daily fantasy football but will also work for regular, for instance Brees and Big Ben should have a higher projection at home than away, and my numbers don’t account for that right now.

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Let me know on twitter if you have players you would like score projections and risk analysis for, also feel free to tweet me suggestions for Head-2-Heads, @qalled

Tomorrow will we be looking at the Score Projections and Risks for my Database going into week 11 and I will also post ROS rankings for Running Backs. As noted above, quarterbacks will see better projections based on more factors.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Dez Bryant via photopin (license)

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