Week 11 Recap – 2016

All good things must come to an end right? After 10 weeks of improving the yearly record my teams finally did not perform well enough. Who would have guess that having Atlanta and San Diego on bye weeks would prove too much, and give me a weekly record of 2-3, putting the yearly record at 41-14.

I read a tweet from a writer this weekend saying that he was going to post his rankings from earlier in the year and analyzing how he had done overall. I guess that is what I am trying to do each week with recapping and posting my teams heading into the games so that you know that I back up what I say. I think his idea is great and I will incorporate it in the future, I am a little strained with time at the moment due to that I am going back to Sweden in 4 weeks and then moving again. With that in mind I will focus on the numbers heading into each week and not so much on changes. Let’s dig in!

Team 1: Another loss for Team 1 and down to 6-5  which is my worst record of any team. I said last week that I was going to evaluate them for the start of this week but that did not go so well. I managed to miss T.Y. coming back and started Brandin Cooks instead, not that it would have given me a win but it would have been closer if my starters would have been T.Y, Thomas and Jordan Howard, that is what the numbers so I made a mistake here. Record: 6-5


Team 2: I have used Stafford as a replacement in the past but his numbers were not that great heading into week 11 so I was very scared and it turned out to be for a good reason. This game was played against a friend from Sweden so I was very upset at first but then thought who better to give Team 2 its first loss than a friend. I thought the team overall performed well but against 151 I was outclassed. Record: 10-1


Team 3: People tried to tell me not to start Diggs but according to my numbers he was the guy to start, I wasn’t gonna start Prosise over Diggs this late in the season for a shot instead of proven numbers. Walker finally scored like a TE and Benjamin has just been awful since week 1 essentially. Barth is not high on my kicker rankings for your information he was just the only available one for me to pick up instead of Matt Bryant. Record: 7-4


Team 4: Let’s finish this up with two wins even though I only deserve one. Brees did not reach his goal but I am happy with my projection, since it does not calculate for fumbles it was very accurate. Beasley should have received more attention from managers this season, it has been all Zeke and Dak and Beasley has sneakily been really good, especially in PPR. Record: 9-2


Team 5: No Alshon, Gio injured and who knows anything about Christine Michael. Team 5 just lost a lot a depth but is basically already in the playoffs fortunately. Not sure if T.Y. would have had this great of a season if Moncrief didn’t get hurt, but he’s back now and T.Y. is still producing, I think he needs a lot more attention, he’s my 13th guy heading into week 12. Record: 9-2


Tomorrow will we be looking at the Score Projections and Risks for my Database going into week 12.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Kirk Cousins via photopin (license)

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