So after comparing these two players my conclusion would be to play Adams, especially at home if you are looking for a high ceiling. Matthews is just a little bit more stable than Adams but not enough to make me change my mind on who to play. The biggest reason I see for this is the amount of attempts each team’s QB has each week. Rodgers averages 40.8 attempts per game vs. Mariota’s 31.5 which actually is the main reason for Adams’s advantage. They both have similar numbers in almost all categories but Adam’s just seems more looks each game.

I have struggled to choose between these two the last couple of weeks and now feel a lot more comfortable starting Adam’s and I hope it can help someone else to!

If you would like a similar analysis done for any player, hit me up on twitter @qalled you can also tweet me your team for a score projection and risk analysis!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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