Numbers for Playoffs, Week 14 – 2016

I mentioned yesterday that I would prepare some numbers for the upcoming playoffs for some of you out there, and that is what I have done. I thought what position would be the easiest to find good match-ups for that still is available this late and arrived at the conclusion, DSTs!

DSTs are still out there with favorable math-ups for the upcoming 3 weeks and I have analyzed them in-depth to find some DSTs that might still be on the waivers that you could stream for the playoffs. This will also function as my week 14 rankings for DSTs since I left them out of yesterday’s post. Let’s dig in!

Explanation of Numbers:
Pts From Int= How many fantasy points a DST averages per game from Interceptions
Pts From Sacks= How many fantasy points a DST averages per game from Sacks
Opposing Teams Pts/Game= How many points the week 14 opposing team scores on average
Pts from Pts= How many fantasy points a DST averages per game from opposing teams final score
INT and SACK Rating= Combining points from Interceptions, Sacks and Opposing teams average interceptions thrown per game
Total= The combined numbers from Pts from Pts and INT and SACK Rating and how I pick my DST this week.


Let’s start with the good teams that most likely still will be out there in some leagues. The Bengals as everyone knows plays Cleveland Browns and analysts have been eyeing for this week for a while. I was curious if my numbers supported this, I did not want to jump on the bandwagon before doing my own research. They showed up as my second highest ranked DST this week after the Vikings, but I highly doubt they will be out there. The Falcons surprisingly ranks pretty high, mostly due to playing the Rams, but I will start them in at least 1 league, could have done it in two but don’t have the balls to drop the Chargers in Dynasty.


These are the DSTs that ranks really low this week but some people still might have as their starter this week. The Rams and Texans are actually the two lowest ranked DSTs this week, so if you have them in your lineup I would advice you to reconsider. I have been promoting the Eagles and the Chiefs pretty highly this year but for this week I am not going to touch them, even though the Chiefs played the Raiders well last time, the numbers does not support me playing them.


These are all the DSTs for week 14. If this is something you like I will do it for next week too, so please leave a like, comment or something on twitter to let me know.

You can also tweet me @qalled for individual players risk or score projection.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Kadath 16-RedskinsVikings-5454 via photopin (license)

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