Head-2-Head – 2016


These are not necessarily tight ends that I am picking between this week but I targeted both heavily in the off-season and felt a comparison was in order. I am going to start both in different leagues but after looking at these numbers I am not feeling that comfortable starting Graham in an away game. But on the other hand, I do feel comfortable in Walker vs. Denver since he only scored 11 last week, looking at his trends we might see a big game from him. They compare pretty good but if I had to start one I would go with Walker, his pts per target and TD per target are just too good. I could be persuaded to start Graham over Walker on a down week for Walker and Graham plays at home.

If you would like a similar analysis done for any player, hit me up on twitter @qalled you can also tweet me your team for a score projection and risk analysis!

Also check out Week 14 Score Projections, Risk Analysis and Playoff Numbers.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD


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