Week 14 Recap – 2016

This week I will be doing at least one more post than usually but will keep this one a little shorter. Tomorrow I will be looking at Score Projections and Risk Analysis for week 15 but on Thursday I will be posting the Playoff numbers that last week made me start the Bengals and Falcons DST and now play in 5 out of 5 playoffs.

I also want to thank everyone who asked questions last week. You can always tweet me for score projections and risks for players and teams @qalled .Let’s dig in!

Team 1: Strange win but I needed it to make the playoffs and it could have ended much differently if my opponent did not have Melvin Gordon and Terelle Pryor, I realize that. But anyway, Crowder still has a little bit more favorable numbers to Davante Adams and I will start him in the semi-final next week.

Team 2: Not much to say, I got stomped! I gave Marshall a shot to play and he burned me, I will not be starting him again and I should have stayed with the safer floor instead of a long shot. 130 was however a nice score, hats off and I hope to get revenge in the playoffs.

Team 3: Last minute changes for this team when Julio and Thomas was declared inactive, so I ended up starting Gabriel and Coleman which ended up quite well. I think it might be a stack of Falcons and Titans players next week, if Julio is back.

Team 4: Fortunately, Brees had secured he playoff spot already before week 13 and 14 since he has been god awful! I follow my numbers but seeing these two scores two weeks in a row scares me for the playoffs, Bell and the Falcons might now carry my team again. And for all you that read the DST post last week, I hope someone ended up starting the Falcons.

Team 5: This will be a rough playoff with Prescott’s form declining and Gordon injured. I wasn’t too scared of a loss since the playoff spot was already secured but a number 1 seed isn’t too bad.

That concludes the first regular season of CSD Fantasy, 5 out of 5 Playoffs and a 51-19 yearly record and a top 3 ranking in scores in all league. I hope I have helped some of you or at least giving you a fun way to look at numbers.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Kirk Cousins via photopin (license)

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