Score Projection and Risk Analysis Week 15 – 2016

My first playoff week officially starts today and I am excited about providing some numbers. Today I will provide the QB Rankings based on this entire season and my top 30 non-QB/K players for next week. Playoff number will be posted tomorrow afternoon so you have time before TNF. Let’s dig in!


Drew Brees is continuing his free fall from 3rd place, he’s now at 8th, and when a QB falls that fast that many I don’t feel too good starting him. So very uncharacteristic of me I’m going to sit him in the playoffs for Tyrod Taylor, due to what was available and to his match-up. Tom is now 1st and Rodgers 2nd, not a big change but a small one. Cousins is still a really good option due to his risk even though his floor is a little lower. As a friendly reminder, these rankings are based on the worst case scenario for each quarterback with numbers from this year. I will be playing Ryan in 3 games, Tyrod in 1 and Prescott in 1.


Looking at my top 30 players, I could feel like an idiot not picking DJ as my first pick this year instead of Elliot, but he’s still 3rd. These top 30 are after their floor and not their ceilings and that is why Elliot is over Bell. There are some interesting names on this list and I hope you can take some it with you. The two I find most interesting is Moncrief and Hilton. They play for the same team, rank next to each other but have so different numbers except their floors. Hilton has much higher ceiling, lower risk and higher variance. It is fun to compare players like this, especially when you set your team, mixing and matching. A special mention to Tyler Eifert, the only tight end on my top 30.


As usual click this link to access the database that contains all the players and press ctrl+f to search for a player you would like to see. You can also tweet me players and teams you are wondering about, I will be happy to provide you numbers and depending on the position something extra.

Full Score Projections and Risk Analysis of week 15 here

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Kirk Cousins via photopin (license)

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