Playoff Numbers, Week 15 – 2016

Congratulations to everyone who won their game last week and made the playoffs or advanced in them! Maybe some of you out there saw that the Falcons was a great pickup for last week and played and crushed with them. This week I have a couple of new DSTs that you could perhaps pickup and some that you should definitely stay away from. Let’s dig in!

Explanation of Numbers:
Pts From Int= How many fantasy points a DST averages per game from Interceptions
Pts From Sacks= How many fantasy points a DST averages per game from Sacks
Opposing Teams Pts/Game= How many points the week 14 opposing team scores on average
Pts from Pts= How many fantasy points a DST averages per game from opposing teams final score
INT and SACK Rating= Combining points from Interceptions, Sacks and Opposing teams average interceptions thrown per game
Total= The combined numbers from Pts from Pts and INT and SACK Rating and with this number I pick my DST this week.


These are the DSTs I am trying to play this week. I did not include the Panthers at the number 3rd spot because they was unavailable in all of my leagues, and unfortunately the Packers only in one. The Bills however if not already picked up in your league, do it now! The Buccs might seem as an odd pick since the Cowboys score a lot and don’t turn the ball over that much, well that has changed a little bit and the Buccs INT and SACK Rating is amazing. The Falcons is still a good DST to roll with this week, they might even be able to keep their opponent under 16pts? Dolphins are my last DST I will highlight, they are solid to go and pick up, they might even have to step up even more with their QB gone?


These are not necessarily the worst DSTs but are some that I have played this year and have ranked high on my yearly rankings and that ranks really low this week. I have removed the Chargers and Cardinals from all my lineups. The Rams might be able to hold the Seahawks to a low scoring game but I will not take a shot on that in the playoffs. Patriots don’t have that bad a match-up but you should not play a 20th ranked defense in this late in the season.


Here is my full DST rankings for week 15. I hope it can help anyone to win a championship as I am sure it will for me. Good luck this week, unless you play me, then you should really think about streaming the Jets!

You can also tweet me @qalled for individual players risk or score projection.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Washington Redskins, Minnesota Vikings via photopin (license)

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