Week 15 Recap

Since the last weeks have been a little different and this is Championship coming up I will do a quick recap of how my teams performed to stay transparent. I will keep it short and focus on the numbers I will be providing sometime tomorrow and on Thursday. Running a little short on time, flying to Sweden in a couple of hours but want to make sure I leave you with the numbers to succeed in your Championship. Let’s dig in!

Team 1: No major changes for this team as it is very stable, I had the win in hand when Crowder was playing so actually hoped for him to score low, he was the only chance another opponent had of beating me. Ryan’s floor just keeps getting higher and he still delivers, very happy with targeting him based on the numbers this off-season. 

Team 2: Brandon Marshall and Kenny Britt out and Taylor Gabriel and Tyreek Hill in. I decided to go with Marshall last week for some reason but was getting back on track this week. The reason for Gabriel and Hill over Britt was their risk of scoring under 10pts was lower than Britt’s even though their floors was much lower. Same goes for Fat Rob over Cole Beasley.

Team 3: Dion Lewis is back which have impacted Blount a little bit but I still consider him a starter for this team, don’t have much else on the RB position. Julio was out so Gabriel was in and with Michael Thomas coming back from injury and Marshall being useless Coleman got to start, not the best flex but who would have guessed that Freeman would get all the touchdowns 😉

Team 4: 2015 Davante Adams was back in action with two dropped touchdowns, oh well, he’s been great this season so I should not complain. Everyone else scored OK but nothing exciting. Biggest thing with this team was my doubt in Brees, he had been awful for two weeks and was now playing Arizona and I sat him. He will be back as the started in the Final, Allen Robinson likely not.

Team 5: Running real low on running backs here, Christine Michael actually could have been started but did not want to start someone who did not fully know the playbook, so I thought hey, why not Rex Burkhead? Started him and got some out of him so I’m glad and the rest of the team performed really well or OK. Almost traded Alshon and a pick for Evans before he got his suspension, I am ok with him coming back and scoring like that!

That concludes the first week of playoffs for CSD Fantasy, 5 out of 5 wins and a 56-19 yearly record.

I will be answering tweets and helping out with score projections later this week, will be unreachable for around 30 hours between Tuesday and Wednesday due to travel.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Chris Baker via photopin (license)

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