Rookie Running Backs Tier 1

Had a great time digging into the rookie numbers this Monday and today I will continue with Tier 1. If you did not read the previous post you can find it Here! Just to recap how I have looked at the players. I have given their production standard scoring fantasy points and 0.5ppr to make them easier to compare. I then look at their 1 game floor and their 1 game ceiling while taking the amount of attempts into account.

Since the draft is not yet complete I cannot take their future workload into account, we will just have to look at their previous production and make an assessment after the draft who will have the best situation. Let’s dig in!


Donnel Pumphrey intrigues me very much seeing that his floor numbers is almost 2pts higher than the second guy on the list. It will be very interesting to see where he ends up and see if it possible to get value from him this year. He has not been hyped as Dalvin Cook and Leonard Fournette and that might lead to a lower ADP for him.


Non of the Tier 1 guys stand out in 0.5ppr, their ceiling goes up a little bit from standard scoring but their floor is the same which worries me. The guys that catches my eye are Jeremy McNichols and Samaje Perine, their floor rises around 8 points between 0.5ppr and standard which is pretty good. If they get into a role in the NFL were they can be the pass-catching back I would be interested in taking a flyer.


Pumphrey has topped all three charts and this is the one that worries me. Hi’s college workload has been so great that I probably would not draft him in a dynasty league. Having that much mileage is dangerous for a running back heading into the NFL, but it will be very interesting for a 1 year league if he get’s into a good spot.

McNichols gets my attention even more after this chart. Seeing his total reception count is very interesting for 0.5prr and ppr leagues, and that he is far below some of the other high-profile guys in his rushing totals leads me to make an assumption there is going to be improvement when he gets some more opportunity. I will most likely take a flyer on him in a dynasty league.

I will be going back to all running backs and rank them after the draft but having their numbers in the back of my head will make it easier to know where to put most of my focus.

What are the running backs that intrigues you the most?

On Friday I’ll post my “Draft Strategy” post in connection with my first YouTube Video.

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