Rookie Quarterbacks Tier 2

New week, new numbers! I decided to continue with the Tiers for the rookies to not set my rankings in stone before the draft. Tier 2 will most likely not posses any quarterbacks that will have any impact on fantasy, which is sad but hey you never know in the future. Let’s dig in!


After looking at the first chart I only have one thing to say, HOLY S%&¤ those ceilings! Since I usually look at NFL quarterbacks I have gotten used to a ceiling no higher than 35 but this is pretty crazy, but then again the floors are much lower in college. This means that the variance of college quarterbacks is much higher, it does not say too much of high they can perform on the next level however, if we compare to someone who recently got drafted. Marcus Mariota has managed to put up fantasy points and his college floor was 11.4. Same goes for Jameis Winston who had a 7.8 floor in college.

It will be very interesting comparing Mariota and Winston to the Tier 1 players on Wednesday. I am curious to see if there are any quarterback prospects who have produced numbers in college that would peek my interest!


Well, the Tier 2 players have already lost my interest completely after the first chart so this will be a very short post all in all. I will allocate my time on other numbers that will be more interesting for y’all to read.

Tier 1 will be posted on Wednesday and on Friday I will have a post regarding filled with numbers from the 50 best fantasy running backs in the NFL.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD



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