Rookie Quarterbacks Tier 1

So Tier 2 of Rookie Quarterbacks was extremely disappointing with their numbers. This is going to be a lot more interesting if we can find anyone that has numbers close to Mariota and Winston. I compare the quarterbacks to them since both of them have shown that they can have a fantasy impact in the NFL. I know Dak Prescott had a lot of Fantasy value last year but I always try to pick players that has a bigger sample size when doing numbers/comparisons. Let’s dig in!


Interesting, the ceilings for these quarterbacks are amazingly high. When I looked at the ceiling of the Tier 2 guys I was amazed but this shatters that with 4 players over 50pts. I have not seen Evans projected that high in the Draft but his numbers intrigue me. Looking below he has the most attempts and still a pretty decent completion percentage and TD average.

Comparing their college numbers with Mariota, his floor was 11.4 and with Winston, 7.8. They stack up pretty nicely with them if you consider the floor. Evans even has the highest floor even with the two NFL players. Comparing ceiling becomes a little bit unnecessary when the players ceilings are so high that it won’t matter in the NFL. You can never expect a player to score over 50pts. BearsWire just mock drafted Pat Mahomes to them in the second round. I think that would be incredibly interesting, especially shop Cutler. Similar numbers to Winston and might be a starting QB on a team that is not the Browns or 49ers.


Looking at their workload and their completion percentage Pat Mahomes catch my eye again. If he is mocked between the 1st and the 3rd with that little experience and numbers similar to Winston is really interesting. Of course if Watson and Kizer goes to the Browns and the 49ers will be interesting but I have a hard time seeing their teams just missing a QB. If you are looking for a dynasty quarterback I think you can wait a year or two and pick up another or one of these guys if they all of a sudden starts looking good.

On Friday I will dig deep into the top 50 running backs from last season. I will analyze how they gain their points, if we can find trends and correlations to have in the back of our heads next year.

I will also upload a new YouTube Video that will dig deeper into the numbers I use when setting my weekly line-ups.

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