Rookie Wide Receivers Tier 2

Back at it again with draft prospects. I have numbers for 30 Wide Receivers lined up for today and for Wednesday. I decided to split them up in Tiers based on their floors numbers. This does not equal that I rank them in this order they are simply sorted after highest floor in college. Let’s dig in!

Here are the 16 players in Tier 2.


The reason I wanted to make sure to mention that this is not how I rank them is due to that two of the players that are projected to go highest have the lowest floor out of all wide receivers I have looked at. This is not a big problem for them coming out of college but is something I value later on in their careers. When I look at first year receivers outside of dynasty leagues I tend to look for a higher ceiling since I most likely will be drafting them later on anyway but in dynasty the floor if drafted by the “right” team can be extremely valuable.


So after looking over the two first charts some player’s numbers stand out to me. Carlos Henderson has the highest floor by a large margin. He also has the second highest Total TDs and the highest Yards Per Game. He is projected by ESPN to go somewhere between the 3rd and the 5th round. He is someone I will monitor extra hard during the off-season. With a quick peek at the chart below we also see that he is projected to have the fastest 40 time. However he is a little shorter than average, something to keep in mind depending on which QB will be throwing him the ball.

Another player that peeks my interest is Zach Pascal. He has the second most receptions in college but has 11 more TDs than Artavis Scott who has the most receptions. Having that many receptions and touchdowns is always something, and he is also projected in the 3rd to 5th round so a he might go to a really favorable position. Going to the chart below, he’s 6-1, 206 and projected to run a 4.54. Nothing stand out with him in that aspect but still someone I will be keeping an eye on.


Other notable players: Curtis Samuel projected in rounds 1-2 with a 4.44, Ricky Seals-Jones with a 6-5 frame 235 pounds and Malachi Dupre with the highest floor in Tier 2 but only 98 receptions.

Sorry for not posting any comparisons in this one, running a little short on time. Will have some comparisons for Tier 1 on Wednesday!

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