Rookie Wide Receivers Tier 1

Wednesday again and another rookie tier to look into. I found some players that really caught my attention and I saw that Dane Brugler (Senior NFL Draft Analyst for NFLDraftScout and CBS Sports) also had an extra eye on Henderson. I am really excited about the combine and I will be watching like a mad man! Anyway, let’s dig in!


Above are the projected rounds by ESPN. I got it to get a feel for where these players are projected in comparison to their numbers. Cooper Kupp according to my numbers have the highest floor by a huge margin, and that is not even taking the ceiling in consideration. We usually don’t see ceilings that high in the NFL so it is somewhat irrelevant. I know that saying look at Cooper Kupp is a big take but after studying his numbers I get the hype.

Corey Davis and Josh Reynolds also have incredible floors compared to the rest of the group. Getting anyone of these two in a favorable situation in the NFL will get me excited to draft them. It is unusual to see this big of differences between players floors, it gets my gears turning thinking about what their value will be in fantasy.


Comparing this group’s numbers to some NFL players who have had great success as rookies they stack up very well! The top 6 guys in this draft have a higher floor than any of the players I looked at. Especially interesting to me is the lack of yards per game the 3 NFL players had in college.


There is not a lot of speed in this tier. Only Dede Westbrook has a projected 4.44 but then again Braxton Miller ran 4.33 at Ohio State and 4.5 at the combine so anything can happen. But looking at the heights, weights and speed I don’t see anyone else that I will keep an extra eye on.


Not a single player in this group under six feet. I don’t wanna say that this is something that is statistically proven that the players with the highest floor are the tallest ones but I will look into this for the best receivers in the NFL for Friday.

Wide Receivers I Will Focus On:

Cooper Kupp – Highest Floor by large margin – Highest Ceiling
Corey Davis – Second Highest Floor by large margin
Josh Reynolds – Third Highest Floor by large margin
Carlos Henderson – Second Highest Floor – Projected 40: 4.44
Stacy Coley – Projected 40: 4.44
Dede Westbrook – Projected 40: 4.44

On Friday I will have both a YouTube video and a post regarding the Top 50 Wide Receivers in the NFL and where they got their fantasy points from last year.

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