Rookie Tight End Numbers

Last offensive rookie position I will be looking at this year today. I still have not decided if I will do a kicker post on Wednesday but it is very likely. I feel like doing these posts have been a good way for at least myself to familiar myself with some of the players that will be relevant for fantasy next year, I hope you feel the same way! After seeing the combine I am really excited about this group of Tight Ends not just for Fantasy but for regular football as well. If you have not read any previous rookie post let me just explain what I have done. I have taken their college production and given them fantasy points then I compare their ceilings and floor just like I do before an NFL Fantasy Draft. Let’s dig in!


Analyzing their production for college in the spreadsheet below I am surprised to see O.J. Howard being second to last. I don’t watch college football but has gotten swept away in the hype about him so seeing if that far down in floor rankings is interesting. But then again, if you look a little further down you see Travis Kelce’s college production and his floor was even worse and he has seen great fantasy production in the NFL. The other two I thought would be interesting to compare is the two that had some success last year. Henry and Hooper’s college numbers stack up very well with this current group. Especially Evan Engram and Michael Roberts numbers gets me excited. Engram with his floor and Roberts with his touchdowns.


TE Comp

If I wasn’t excited about Engram before looking at the 4.42 gets me really excited! I think you will be able to find real fantasy value with him in the upcoming year. If you are in a dynasty league that is in a need of a tight end I really think this year will provide you with tons of options in a wide price range.


Not 100 % sure on what the topic will be on Wednesday, might be Rookie Kickers or something else so keep an eye out on twitter.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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