Rookie Dynasty Draft Board

After looking over the numbers from the Rookie Quarterbacks, Running Backs, Wide Receivers and Tight Ends I thought it would be appropriate to set a draft board. To recap how I set a draft board real quickly, I like to pick high floor players early and high ceiling players later on in the draft. I talked about the numbers and how I draft in standard fantasy here!  I just want to say that the Rounds I have given them in this post is in reference to a Dynasty league, not where I would draft them in a one year league. Let’s dig in!

I have in previous post talked about Rookies I would like to target and their numbers from college. Now it is time to set the first board, the final draft board will come after the draft. This is to narrow the search down. I want to keep the number of Rookies I target in Dynasty to a number that is manageable.

Round 1
These three are the players with the highest floor by a large margin in this draft class. They are the only players I have given a first round grade to. Since the gap between Corey Davis and Dalvin Cook is so large I did not want them in the same tier.

Round 2
In round two I keep with the tactic of targeting the highest floor players. I will start drafting upside much earlier in a Dynasty Rookie draft compared to a regular draft where I keep drafting high floors all the way into the 5th or 6th round. This is the last round where I will rank them after their floor. It also happens to be the only player left that reach a floor higher than 4.0.

Round 3
First round where the ceiling is the most important factor. I believe that at least two of these players will be drafted long before this round and that I there is a risk of me not seeing any of the players I have a ranked from now on unless I get them earlier. But on the other hand I am fairly certain that I have ranked some players higher than other since I rank strictly by the numbers. I also have the last pick in my Dynasty so that won’t help me get the guys I want and I might have to reach.

Round 4
This is probably the most surprising round. Having Fournette all the way down here seems almost redundant. I know he will get drafted way earlier but I can’t just leave him out of the rankings completely. His college numbers does not earn him a high ranking for me. College and the NFL are two different things but when you say that you go by the numbers you got to stick with it and see how far it takes you. Rookies are hard enough to evaluate so thinking we know he is going to be a stud is dangerous.

Rounds 5+
My last group is a mix of some OK floors and some pretty good ceilings. Fournette and Marlon Mack got put in the round before thanks to their combined floor and ceiling outweighed the running backs in this tier. The two players I am most excited about here are Zach Pascal and John Ross. I think Ross will be picked up earlier thanks to his 40 but Pascal might be a steal.

I will make a final draft board after the draft and put into account their situation. I might add a player or two in case their situation looks really interesting but other than that, these players are the ones I will be focusing on.

If you have any suggestions for players you think I have missed or surely have overlooked please tweet me @qalled and tell me why I should add him, would love to add 2-3 more guys.

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

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