Running Back Rankings 30-16

The second post in the Running Back Based on Floors Trilogy. This is sort of that Empire Strikes Back post where our heroes run into some trouble before overcoming it in the 3 and final movie. Oh wait no, it is just more rankings and discussion about numbers, my bad.

All numbers are based on the last three years. In the case a player has not been in the league that long their floor number will be based on all their games. The floor is the least amount of points I expect from a player from any given game. It has a 16 % risk of not being reached. Let’s dig in!

RB rank 16.JPG
* Question mark regarding team or health

This group is filled will players that I love to draft way below what I have ranked them! Since I follow these numbers when drafting, other people will have them much lower or higher than me, giving me the opportunity to find some value in my eyes.

The guy that interests me the most is, Melvin Gordon. I loved drafting him last year in rounds 7 and later. Since the numbers are a combination from his first and second year he still don’t make the top 20. I would very much like to draft him again next year but I fear his ADP will be too high considering he’s only my 22nd guy. He would be much higher if he only last season counted, but just going of one good season usually leads to overpaying.

I will be a little interested in looking at the ceilings of these guys too. Might be that they have a pretty decent ceiling and floor, and there is some value to be had. There are for me, too many question marks with this group. Other than that, it will be more exciting to look at the top backs next week. I will also dig deeper into Latavius Murray’s situation with the Vikings on Monday, that will answer my questions about his fit.

New YouTube video tomorrow “Romo as a Bronco”

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: bmward_2000 Ezekiel Elliott via photopin (license)

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