Tight End Rankings 50-26

Finally, draft day is here! I am going to go out on a limb here and guess that most of the CSD Fantasy readers are more focused on that today than Tight Ends that rank between 50-26. With that in mind, I going to keep this post a little shorter, but before we dig in I would like to promote the new series that is starting tomorrow, Team Score Projection featuring the Atlanta Falcons. I analyze all the Falcons opponents and the Falcons top fantasy players to project their fantasy scoring for 2017.

These rankings follow the trend of Floors. After all the positions have received their Floors I will start looking at their Ceilings. But in the case that you have not read any of my previous rankings; the Floor is the least amount of points I expect from a player on any given week and are calculated from the last three years. In the case, you have not played three years the number derives from all of your NFL games. Let’s dig in!

TE 50-26* Small Sample Size
** Team or Health Question

I don’t see today’s rankings as somewhere you kind find value, I see it from the perspective of avoiding risk. There are some players here that get a lot of attention from the fantasy community and NFL community in general with scary floor numbers. Tight Ends are of course not going to have as high floors as Wide Receivers or Running Backs but seeing high-profile players this far down gets my attention.

Players, I will avoid due to my own risk aversion are; Jared Cook (31), Ladarius Green (32), Coby Fleener (30) and Dwayne Allen (45). To clarify, I usually play fantasy with a bias of safer players when it comes to certain positions, and Tight End is one of them. What I mean by that, is that I tend to pick the Tight End with the higher Floor even if the other one has a higher Ceiling.

The only Tight End I have an interest in is Austin Hooper. I have done my projection for him as the Falcons #1 Tight End for tomorrow and the numbers lead me to believe he has the chance to be really good, I think this is what they call a teaser?

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: The Brit_2 Garrett Graham via photopin (license)

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