Quarterback Floor Rankings 40-21

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In case you are not familiar with my Floor stat click here to read more!

Qb 40-21.JPG

First thing that I noticed while doing these rankings and this to me is funny. I looked at 40 Quarterbacks (Jay Cutler is removed from the rankings) and Andy Dalton is in the middle at 20. If you have listened to “The Around The NFL Podcast” you know they have a thing called the Dalton Scale. That means that he is the average Quarterback. If your team’s Quarterback is worse than Dalton you need to upgrade and if he’s better you will have a hard time replacing him. This is a little outdated since he has stepped up at least in 2015, but I still find it a little funny.

Other notable Quarterbacks far down on the list are Big Ben and Eli. Roethlisberger has fallen in favor over the last year but I remember heading into 2016 the hype that was around him. Looking at him from the Floor perspective he’s just not a valid starter in a 10-14 team league with 1 Quarterback. The uncertainty or should I say certainty that he will be awful outside of Pittsburgh is just too high for him to be ranked high on this list. I feel Eli might have a comeback year but that is just a feeling and I will never draft him based on that, or suggest that you do it.

Carson Wentz is still a little low to be considered a starter from the Floor perspective and it will be interesting to see his development in 2017. He might raise his Floor enough to be valuable in 2018.

Two guys that have received a lot of hype this off-season despite both of them are coming back from broken legs are Derek Carr and Marcus Mariota. I for one am not that high on them after seeing their Floor numbers. I tend to value a high Floor when it comes to Quarterback and I do not like the ones that can be amazing one week and be terrible the next. I know Mariota would have been higher if we did not count his rookie season but sample size matters. I would not mind having one of them in a Dynasty league or perhaps as a streaming options in case I go that route.

In the case that you draft anyone else of the guys on these rankings that I have not mentioned I am concerned for the health of your team in 2017. That is of course as a started in a 1 Quarterback league.

How do you think the Top 19 will look on next week’s rankings? Let me know your top 5 on twitter @qalled

On Wednesday I will be posting Score Projections for the Washington Redskins and on Friday the Cowboys will be Featured on the YouTube channel!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: bmward_2000 Big Ben via photopin (license)

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