Quarterback Floor Rankings 19-1

The biggest of thank you to everyone who has watched the Tampa Bay Buccaneers Score Projection on the YouTube channel! I can’t believe that it has been viewed over a 120 times in under two weeks! If the Cowboys video I have embedded below reaches over 100 views I will think of something to give away as a way of saying thank you for your support and for liking the content!

Today we have come to the last skill position Floor Rankings before I dig into the Kickers and DSTs. Those two position groups will only get one post each since they are a very limited amount of valid option compared to other positions. But I won’t drag this intro out any longer, let’s dig in!

In case you are not familiar with my Floor stat click here to read more!

qb19-1.JPG**Small Sample Size

Oh, what a huge surprise, Aaron Rodgers as the number one Quarterback. The thing with him though is that a 0.6 lead over the second best guy is quite a lot. It almost makes me want to draft him earlier than I usually draft a Quarterback. I probably won’t but the mixed feelings are there.

I would love to draft Dak Prescott in leagues just because it is very easy to root for him as a Cowboys fan but, no. His sample size is far to small for me to look at him anytime before extreme late rounds in 10 team leagues. I drafted Winston last year but combined him with Matt Ryan who also had a late round ADP and both of them performed well (understatement of the year?).

Brees fell in these rankings compared to last year. I had him as my clear-cut number 1. Falling to four might actually be a good thing, if people don’t view him as a beast anymore his ADP might increase the value you get with the draft capital spent.

I still believe that you can wait on Quarterback fairly late and find value with the undervalued players. It is still too early to tell how the ADPs will look but I hope that someone in my top 10 here will have a round 12+ ADP. This is basically how I draft my Quarterbacks, someone below my top 10 will be overvalued and leave one of them open for me later on.

I hope you find these Floor Rankings valuable! I used them in connection to the Ceilings Rankings. The Ceiling Rankings series will start in three weeks and start with Running Backs. Let me know in the comments or on twitter @qalled if you would like to see any position sooner or if you have any other stats you would like me to look at!

On Wednesday I will be posting Score Projections for the Philadelphia Eagles and on Friday the Giants will be Featured on the YouTube channel!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: elviskennedy Aaron Rodgers via photopin (license)

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