Score Projection: Philadelphia Eagles

Today I will be looking at the top Fantasy Players on the Philadelphia Eagles. I have analyzed the numbers for a bunch of guys since the situation is a little bit unclear so I want to get us started pretty quickly.

If you have any questions about the calculations, hit me up on twitter @qalled and I’ll try to answer as soon as I get the chance! Before we look at Carson Went, he did not make the Top 19 Fantasy Quarterbacks based on Floors but you can see who did right Here.

If you want to know more about the calculations behind the numbers click here! Let’s dig in!

Market Share

I have skipped this step in the previous Score Projection posts and I feel like that was a mistake so today I have included the full Market Share analysis that is based on the play calling and audible trends from the last three years. I have adjusted for Wentz not being there for more than a year later on with the production from pass attempts so don’t worry about that. If you think someone else should be WR1 or RB2 you can of course change that or ask me for that Projection on twitter just include the #CSDScoreProjection


As you can see, my formula for calculating his fantasy production is not high on Wentz, even with 578 drop backs. A Quarterback that hovers around 200 Fantasy Points is just not relevant in most leagues. I can’t see a scenario where I would draft Wentz having the Projection and knowing his Floor, maybe in a 2 Quarterback league. If you are higher on him I would love to get your take on it in the comments or on twitter!


140 Fantasy Points from Ryan Mathews if he can be the number one back in Philly isn’t too bad. He would have finished around Matt Forte and Bilal Powell last year with that number. That is not guys you would like to be associated with in fantasy at the moment, at least not if you are a starting back. I am scared for this backfield and I am not at all certain that this will be the divide in Philadelphia. I have projected targets and carries for Pumphrey as the number three back down below but that can easily change!


Even though Alshon Jeffery is new to the Eagles I decided to run with him as the number 1 receiver. If you would like to see more numbers on him click here. Rounding out the Projections with the Receivers makes me realize that I am not high on one single Eagles players, and this is not because of me being a Cowboys fan, it is just that the numbers does not suggest that you will get a high scoring offense. In the case that Jeffery falls I will be drafting him because his Floor has been decent the last years when he’s healthy but I will not spend a second or third round pick as I would have considered last year.

Zach Ertz’s Projection is a little bit lower than what he finished with last year but he can be a guy I would be willing to start for at least a couple of weeks. Below is the Rookie Target and Carry Projection. I will not discuss it further since we lack knowledge of his ability to perform on this level and to be honest, his entire role in this offense.


I hope you enjoy these bigger Score Projection posts! On Friday I’ll be looking at the New York Giants on the YouTube channel so keep an eye out. You can subscribe to the YouTube channel by clicking here, so you never have to miss a Video!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Carson Wentz via photopin (license)

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