Kicker Floor Rankings

Feels like this weekend really kicked me in the stomach so what better way to start of the next week than with a look at the Kickers? Since the Kicker position is a little bit more scares than other ones I decided to compile them into one post instead of diving them up. I will do the same for DST when I get to them which might be next week or maybe closer to the season and dig into the Ceilings Rankings for Running Backs next Monday instead.

I recently started a new job so I hope with my new work schedule that I can keep the content as pristine as before but if I slip please let me have it on twitter! Let’s dig in!

In case you are not familiar with my Floor stat click here to read more!

Kicker Floors.JPG**Small Sample Size

We have two Kickers that got awarded the two **, Wil Lutz and Robert Aguayo. I think that is hilarious that one of them tops the Rankings while the other one struggles with keeping up with the 29th guy!

I value the Kicker position in a similar way as I value the Quarterback one. I want a guy that will get me a fair amount of points every week and not lose me a game with a zero. But it is also a position you can be a little bit fluid with. You are not stuck to one guy for all the season. Last year I made my Rest of Season Rankings after a fellow asked for it and by doing so we got some really good value from guys that were pretty low to begin with (Matt Bryant) and rose during the year.

A Kicker that catches my eye in deeper leagues is Matt Prater. He is not too high here and I don’t think he will be highly coveted but he was sneaky good for a couple of games in the middle of last year and if he gets going again I see him as a potential Bye week band-aid or a guy I pick of the waiver wire if my Kicker has trouble performing up to par.

Of course guys in high-caliber offenses are always going to be coveted so I will let you decide what kind of draft capital you are willing to spend on Bryant, Bailey and Crosby.

I have received some feedback on the three latest Wednesday posts so I will change them up for this upcoming post. I will be looking conducting a Market Share Analysis for three of the AFC West teams and the fourth one will be featured in Friday’s YouTube Video.

Dedicated to: “How can I be a spear carrier without my spear?”

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Monica’s Dad IMG_5144 via photopin (license)

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