Running Back Ceiling Rankings 30-11

For every week that goes by the more I realize how fast we are moving closer to the season! I have a ton of content I would like to show y’all before the season start and really hope I will have the time to do it. The Score Projection YouTube Series has been well received and will continue on until the season start before a series with more focus on weekly projections takes its place. These Monday Rankings will continue to provide you with some of the most important numbers I use when drafting and the Wednesday post is still going through different stages depending on Your preferences.

I spent a lot of last week’s post discuss what the Ceiling stat means so I will skip that portion here and in case you would like to learn more about the it click Here! Let’s dig in!

rb**Team or Health Questions

This group is filled with players that have team or health concerns. It is crazy that we have had this many high-profile changes to the position over this off-season. Some of them of course impact each other, for instance, Lacy and Rawls. Mark Ingram and C.J. Anderson are impacted by Hall of Fame Running Backs joining their teams but that has already been talked to death about so enough about that.

I have another take; Lamar Miller was a guy a lot of people were high on last year but seems to have forgotten about for 2017. His one game Ceiling is higher than both Melvin Gordon (who gets a ton of love, one year too late) and Jay Ajayi, both having a higher ADP at the moment. To bring up yet another reason for Miller, his Floor was also higher than both these guys. He’s a player I will be trying to draft and reaping the benefit of spending less draft capital on. Miller’s current overall ADP is in the late second round so if I can get him in the third I will be a happy camper!

Todd Gurley is even further down than Miller right now with an overall ADP of 20. He still has talent and his numbers are actually not that bad it is just that our expectations are extremely high. It reminds me of when a team pays a guy too much money. If he made less everyone would love him for what he does but with the current salary with the current performance everyone hates him. If you pick Gurley in the first round you will hate it, but if you get him late in the third you love it.

Doug Martin and Carlos Hyde are my last guys I like on this list, especially Martin. The muscle hamster has an overall ADP of 84 right now and that is a perfect spot to take a flyer on a guy that could get you a decent chunk of points on his best day. For Hyde it is more about the situation he is in. I will look at his Market Share on Wednesday when I analyze the 49ers, Seahawks and Rams before the Cardinals Video on Friday.

For full Floor Rankings click Here!

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