Running Back Ceiling Rankings 10-1

The cream of the crop is and interesting group of young studs and old has been’s. The older guys still live get their Ceilings up due to extremely good performances 2-3 years ago since my formula takes the last three years into account. This is something to keep in mind when looking at these rankings. I value the players without the Asterisk (*) more than others and just because a player is high on the rankings does not mean you should spend a high draft pick. It means that you know more about their potential performance than you did before and can make a more educated evaluate when drafting.

I have previously discussed the Ceiling stat in-depth but if you would like to learn more about the it click Here! Let’s dig in!

RB ceiling*Small Sample Size
**Health or Team Concern

Starting off by looking at the top three. According to the Ceiling Stat and the ADP the obvious choice is to take Le’Veon Bell over the other two. He has the highest Ceiling and you have a chance to get him even if you don’t have the number one pick in the draft so that is something.

The next three have two of my favorite guys on this list in Murray and Freeman. Both of them have ADP’s that place them in the second round in 10 teams leagues and late first in 12 team. They have no Asterisks so there are not any big concerns about their health of team even though Freeman is in a contract year and Murray has Henry behind him. I would be more than happy to get any of them in the second round if I could not get a hand on the top 3 guys.

The last four have many Asterisks but the most glaring thing to me is that ADP difference between Jordan Howard and LeSean McCoy. Last year you could snatch McCoy in late second maybe the third but now you have to spend a top 10 pick on him. He was amazing last year but this is how a price gets inflated from one year to another. I don’t like to be a year off on a guy and I think a top 10 pick on McCoy will come and bite you in the rear when you could have gotten Howard in the second round.

The Old guard should be treated with caution of course! I just want to emphasize this again. I am Not telling y’all to draft Peterson, Charles or Forte with a top pick! I just don’t alter my formula in any way to stay away from bias. This leads to some rankings being a bit strange with older players and players that changed team a little bit too high. In return you get a look at players that can perform similarly but with a much lower cost.

For full Floor Rankings click Here!

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photo credit: bmward_2000 AFC Championship Weekend via photopin (license)

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