Wide Receiver Ceiling Rankings 100-41

The Running Backs are done for this year so now we are focusing on the Wide Receivers for three weeks. The Ceiling Stat works great when looking at Receivers since you in most leagues you start more of them and teams line up more of them each game. Having a low-end Running Back with a high Ceiling is good but he can be stuck behind a stud and not see the field while a Wide Receiver with a high Ceiling can have a stud nr:1 guy on his team that draws coverage to him. This is why the Ceiling stat works better with Receivers.

I have previously discussed the Ceiling stat in-depth but if you would like to learn more about the it click Here! Let’s dig in!

WR 71-100


Not even Taylor Gabriel believes in Taylor Gabriel for the next season. No, but with only 6 good games last year his stats can’t put him higher on this list than 71. He is still a guy that you can draft but be ready for some close to zero performances.

Another player of the first 25 I could see myself taking a chance on is Breshad Perriman. Maclin just joined the Ravens so his workload might be a little smaller than what I first hope for. But with an Overall ADP of 127 he could potentially be a guy that you pick up hoping that he something happens to the other guys. When I post the AFC North Market Share Analysis I will get a clearer picture of what to expect.

Quincy Enunwa is another guy on this list that could be worth another look. But since the Jets Quarterback situation is the way it is, I won’t put any eggs in his basket.

WR 41-70

Getting up a little higher on the list we start to see players that are actually worth drafting not just as a what if guy but actual starters. Rishard Matthews for instance has a high Floor but only ranks 43rd here. That is not too good, but having more decent games than one amazing games is to me more valuable over the course over a season. This is of course not true when it comes to DFS but I usually focus on seasonal.

Ted Ginn Jr. is a player I have picked up in one league as an upside guy. We pretty much know what he is so know it just comes down to hit those games where he gets you that Touchdown. His Overall ADP is #152 and WR #58 at the moment so seeing him ranked 12 spots higher here lets me believe that I can draft him with a pick below what I value him.

Seeing players like Cole Beasley and Jamison Crowder down here does not surprise me. They are players with stable floors and low variance. Their scoring does not fluctuate too much from week to week. They get their points each week and if you are luck they have a game with over 10 fantasy points once in a while.

For Full Floor Rankings Click Here!

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The spreadsheets are dark and full of terror // CSD

photo credit: Keith Allison Stefon Diggs via photopin (license)

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